WhatsApp Web Last Seen, profile photo can now be changed; know how to

WhatsApp Web Last Seen, profile photo can now be changed; know how to

WhatsApp Web has been handy during the WFH phase of our lives as it even aids business applications. At the moment, WhatsApp Web is a simpler version of the mobile app with limited settings and functions. WhatsApp, however, wants to give the web version more power, especially with regards to Privacy options. The latest leak now reveals that you will soon be able to tweak privacy options from the web app. What that means is that users will be able to change WhatsApp Web last seen, profile photo and more.

Spotted by WAbetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently testing a beta version of the web app that lets you tweak several Privacy settings. These features have been so far limited to the mobile app version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web to let you tweak Privacy options

“Seen that multi-device is helping WhatsApp desktop to be independent of your phone, WhatsApp is now introducing missing features,” the WABetaInfo said. With the new Privacy settings options, you will be able to change “Last Seen”, Profile photo, About info, and Read Receipts from the web app directly.

Additionally, users will be able to block and manage blocked contacts, as well as deal with groups from the Privacy settings directly.

Note that this feature is still under beta testing and it remains to be seen whether this makes it to stable build. Currently, you will have to rely on your mobile app on Android and iOS to play with the privacy settings.

WhatsApp is currently testing the ability to have multiple devices login with your account. The feature is currently compatible with WhatsApp Web but future iterations should also work with smartphones. This feature is under beta testing but everyone can opt for it via the “Linked Devices” option.

On the other hand, WhatsApp recently added the ability to join video calls in a group. Users can now head to a group and see active video call sessions, which they can join by simply tapping the “Join” button. The user can join via both video and audio calls.