WhatsApp new update: Here’s how to mute any mention notification on app!

WhatsApp new update: Here’s how to mute any mention notification on app!

WhatsApp update: Is it annoying when you mute a group but you still receive notifications when someone mentions you? If YES, There is a piece of good news for you! The Facebook-owned instant messaging application Whatsapp has enabled a new feature that mutes this type of notifications too!

According to a report from WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging platform has enabled four features recently. WabBetaInfo wrote from its Twitter account: WhatsApp is enabling 4 features today! Always Mute, to mute chats forever. No Calls for Verified Businesses. Media Guidelines. New Storage Usage UI and tools.”

The report stated that muting groups is very common nowadays, for this reason, WhatsApp has introduced the possibility to mute always group notifications the last year but it might not be enough, because users can still receive notifications when someone mentions them in a message.

“For this situation, WhatsApp supports a feature to mute this type of notifications. They don’t explain how to do it within WhatsApp, but it is simpler than you think. Every time you receive a group notification, WhatsApp checks if the group is not muted: in this case, the notification is obviously presented,” WaBetaInfo said in its report.

“If the group is muted and the message mentions your phone number or it quotes another message you have previously sent, WhatsApp checks if the individual chat of the sender of that message is muted: if so, WhatsApp won’t present the notification,” it further added.

According to the report, this trick is very useful if you have useless muted groups and you cannot leave them: in this case when you receive notifications because someone mentioned you, and you want to stop receiving them, you can mute the individual chat of the sender if you’re not used to chat with that contact privately.

This trick works on WhatsApp for iOS, Android and Web/Desktop. Note that WhatsApp is working on the possibility to use your account on multiple devices at the same time, without requiring your main phone to be connected to the Internet. WhatsApp made a lot of progress to sync chat actions, and muting a chat from a device will mute the chat from any other linked device.