Want to download a WhatsApp status? Here’s how you can do it

Want to download a WhatsApp status? Here’s how you can do it

Facebook, now known as ‘Meta’ owned WhatsApp is one of the most popularly used messaging apps across the world. You can instantly send messages, stickers, emojis, pictures, videos and whatnot from any part of the world.

WhatsApp also allows its users to share status messages just like Instagram allows us to share stories. However, a user cannot download someone else’s status message but here’s a trick through which you can do it.

When users update their WhatsApp Status with their favourite pictures or videos, they get an option of choosing who can see their status and who cannot. Once uploaded, the status remains there for 24 hours and any person who can view it can also reply to it.

Here’s how you can save a shared WhatsApp status:

– Download the app named Google Files on your Android smartphone. iOS users can use any other file manager application

– In the Google Files app, a menu will appear on the top left. Open it, go to Settings and turn on the option of ‘Show hidden files’

– After this, go to your device’s file manager, click on the option of internal storage, select WhatsApp, then select the option of media and then status. In this way, whatever status you see, it will appear in your folder, after which you can save or download that video from the folder and share it with anyone.