Top 6 Krishna Artworks For Your Walls This Janmashtami

Top 6 Krishna Artworks For Your Walls This Janmashtami

On the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday, Mojarto brings to you artworks depicting one of India’s most revered and popular deities in his most celebrated forms.

1. Krishna, the charmer


Kanha By Atin Mitra , HowrahLet no one but the God of seduction himself lure you with his ‘come hither’ look. A clever mix of the divine blue with passionate red is sure to light up not just your space but your soul too.

2. Krishna, the ambrosial musician

Artwork by By Ramesh GorjalaBrighten up your walls gracefully with this unique canvas as the lord himself turns into a musician. A common imagery of Krishna with his favourite instrument, the flute has been elevated to another level with this enchanting mix of colours. A true example of how god truly lies in details.

3. Krishna, the absolute force

Pichwai Painting By Unknown Artist

This distinctive style of this Pichwai looks great on every wall space as the world stands in praise of its Lord. An image to meditate on when life gives no answers.

4. Krishna, the herder

Artwork By H R DasLord Krishna, commonly known in India as Govinda and Gopala which quite really means ‘friend’ and ‘protector of cows’ has been beautifully depicted in this rectangular shaped canvas by H.R. Das. The use of the sacred blue matching the aura is a perfect combination for this acrylic on canvas.

5. Krishna, the ultimate lover

Artwork By Jitu Salvi , Patan

It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha is the only force that has the power to enchant the God himself. Let the divine love descend on your walls and in your hearts through this mesmeric moment of intimacy shared by Krishna and Radha for clearly one is never truly complete without the other. As if an ode to their organic love, the basis of this painting is a bold brown colour cloth background with highlights of natural cream white lines made from grass.

6. Krishna, innocence incarnateKrishna as a Child By KALAM PATUAThere are few images as endearing as Krishna in his baal roop (childhood). India’s foremost Kalighat painter, Kalam Patua does full justice to this delicate work tugging the mother instinct in each of us.

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