Salary Account Benefit: Do you know the benefits available on Salary Account? know details here

Salary Account Benefit: Do you know the benefits available on Salary Account? know details here

Salary Account Benefit: If you also have a salary account, then you should know some things. In this, you get many benefits from the bank, which you do not tell the bank.

Salary Account Benefit: Salary Account is opened when you work in an organization. This account is similar to a regular bank account. In this, salary of employees comes every month. But do you know how many benefits you get from the bank from the salary account. If not… don’t worry. There are many such banks who share the benefits of salary account with their customers. Let us know about many different benefits like Classic Salary Account, Wealth Salary Account, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account-Salary and Defense Salary Account.

Can open Wealth Salary Account

If you are not short of money then you can also open Wealth Salary Account. Under this, the bank gives you a dedicated wealth manager. This manager looks after all the work related to your bank.

Employee Benefit

Some banks also provide facilities such as credit cards, overdrafts, cheap loans, free remittance of cheques, pay orders and demand drafts, free internet transactions for payroll accounts.

Savings bank account

If your bank gets an idea that the salary is not coming in the account for a long time, then it converts it into savings. After this, all the facilities with the salary account are taken back from you.

Change account

Even for changing accounts from one bank to another, banks keep the process easy in the case of Salary Account. Of course they put some conditions in it.


To open a Salary Account, you must be an employee in a corporate body. Also, it is important to have a salary account relationship with that bank of the company. Apart from this, customers should not have any other account in the same bank.

Other facilities

The bank gives you a personalized check book, in which your name is printed on every cheque. You can take the service of bill payment, otherwise you can make payments through phone or internet. Banks also offer facilities like safe deposit locker, sweep-in, super saver facility, free payable-at-par chequebook, free installalerts, free passbook and free email statement.