Raghava Lawrence breaks silence on Sri Reddy’s casting couch allegations, challenges her for open audition

Raghava Lawrence breaks silence on Sri Reddy’s casting couch allegations, challenges her for open audition

Raghava Lawrence has broken his silence on allegation of casting couch levelled by model and actress Sri Reddy.


Reddy, who predominantly works in the Tamil film industry, has accused several members of South Indian film fraternity of casting couch including choreographer-actor-filmmaker Lawrence.

Finally breaking his silence on the same, Raghava Lawrence has rubbished all charges against him. He asked Sri Reddy why she had kept quiet on the matter for so long. The Kanchana star took to Twitter and reacted to the allegations.

He wrote, “Sri Reddy has told that she met me during the making of Telugu film rebel movie it’s already been 7 years since I did rebel movie then why didn’t she report this 7 years back itself?”

He further added, “She told that she came to my hotel room and I misused her. She also stated that she saw god’s photos and Rudraksha mala in my room. .. I am not a fool to keep Rudraksha mala at hotels and do Pooja. I’m directly saying to Sri Reddy I haven’t done any mistake I know about myself and god knows. After all this also I’m not angry on you. I saw all your interviews I only feel pity on you”

In a note posted on Twitter, Raghava even made an offer to the actress to publicly demonstrate her skills as an actor. He suggested that he will give her an open audition in front of media, and if she convinces him as an actor, he will sign her for his next film on the spot. “You are telling you are a good actor. We will do one thing I will arrange press meet. In front of all press people, I will give you a character and scene to act and give you some dance steps to dance that doesn’t mean I will give you difficult steps like I do. I will give you simple steps and dialogues,” he wrote.

“… if you really have talent act in front of me before the press. As a director, if I really feel you have talent at that moment itself in front of the press I will sign a good character for you in my next movie and give an advance.”

He also claimed that he was not making this offer because he was afraid of the allegations against him.

“I haven’t done any mistake so I’m not scared to face you directly..if you act in my movie maybe you will get more chances and you might feel better or if you feel bad to act in front of everyone then contact my manager, bring your lawyer and well wisher with you and show your acting to me definitely I will help you. This reply is not because I got scared it is because I respect women a lot that’s why I built a temple for my mother and dedicated it to all women.. Let’s talk good things and do good things. I pray for your good life,” read Raghava’s statement.

Well, it will be interesting to see how Sri Reddy reacts to this statement, and if at all she actually complies to publicly demonstrate her acting skills.


Source:- dnaindia