New Microsoft Teams feature will help your child study better; Here’s how to do it right

New Microsoft Teams feature will help your child study better; Here’s how to do it right

Along with Google Meet, Zoom and other video conferencing apps, Microsoft Teams is one the most popular platforms in the world. Looking to Provide greater value to users, over the span of the past couple of months, Microsoft has introduced a host of new features on Teams. More recently, the company said that Windows 11 will feature a native integration for the video-conferencing platform. Today, the company introduced a new tool. Microsoft Teams today announced that it has started rolling a tool called the Reading Progress app. This new tool is aimed at helping students using the company’s platform study better.

As Microsoft explains it, the newly introduced Reading Progress app is a free tool that enables students to independently read aloud, record themselves, and grow their reading skills while allowing educators to better support students’ progression. It is built into the Assignments section of the Microsoft Teams.

How it works is really simple. Microsoft explains that with the Reading Progress app inside Teams, educators can upload a single reading fluency passage or differentiate for their class’s many levels. Students read their passages out aloud, creating a recording, teachers can then access and review this, at their convenience.

The company says that apart from creating reading passages for the entire class, educators can also create tailored assignments for a particular student’s reading level and progress. Students can also read at their own pace and in a comfortable setting, which as per the company removes any stigma, stress, or distraction associated with reading out loud.

Furthermore, students can adjust page settings, such as format and font size, to tailor their experience based on their preferences. From there, they can record themselves reading aloud on either audio and/or video. This recording can then be submitted to the teachers for reviewing and providing feedback.

Lastly, this tool features integrating with Teams’ Education Insights dashboard. This enables teachers to use the auto-detect feature to quickly review errors such as mispronunciations, repetitions, phrasing, intonation, and omissions, and customise instruction for each student.

Microsoft says that it is rolling out its Reading Progress tool in Teams on all platforms, including desktop, Mac, web, iOS and Android.