Lost your iPhone? Here’s why your Apple ID could also be at risk

Lost your iPhone? Here’s why your Apple ID could also be at risk

Stealing an Apple iPhones is a lot of hard work, and not because it’s difficult to snatch an iPhone out of your hand. But Apple’s ‘Find My’ network makes it nearly impossible for a stolen device to be used by someone else. That’s because the iPhone or any other Apple device is linked to a user’s Apple ID and without access to this, the device is practically unusable for a thief.

With an iPhone, there is a much more complicated process than stealing an Android device, simply replacing the SIM card and resetting the phone. However, many thieves have now found a cunning workaround to this barrier. Snatchers may steal an iPhone, then use the SIM card to get your number, and then try to scam you to extract your personal details, including your Apple ID and password.

Twitter user Vedant (@vedantkhanduja) faced a similar attack when his iPhone was stolen in Delhi, India. The snatchers used the victim’s panic to get the better of him with a phishing attack days after the incident.

The phishing attack included a message saying “Your lost iPhone 12 Blue has been found and temporarily switched ON” followed by a fake “View location” link…Read more>>