Google rolls out shortcut to access Password Manager, auto filling passwords on iOS devices

Google rolls out shortcut to access Password Manager, auto filling passwords on iOS devices

October is the cybersecurity awareness month, and Google is kicking off this opportunity to share a few updates on its security measures for accounts and apps. The company in a blog post announced that it is adding an easily accessible shortcut to its password manager, along with other updates.

In a bid to safeguard its users’ data from a potential cyber attack, Google is rolling out a feature that enables users to access all of the passwords saved in Google Password Manager right from the Google app menu.

What’s New?

Previously, users would navigate on the web ( or had to find ‘saved passwords’ from the Chrome settings.

Google is now adding a shortcut to view all of your passwords right in the account switcher menu— making password managers accessible for millions of people who might have not even known where to find it in the first place.

While it was possible to use Google for auto filling passwords in third-party applications on Android, the company confirmed that it will now soon roll out the option to autofill passwords in iOS devices too.

Google in a blog post reiterated that it plans to automatically enroll 150 million people and will make it mandatory for two million of its YouTube creators to turn on its two-step authentication process, which requires both a Google password and a second factor like an OTP code to log in.

Passwordless Authentication

Google has also reminded its users that it has launched a new sign-in method for third-party apps called ‘One Tap’. It allows users to either sign up or sign in with just a single button using your Google account. The feature can already be found on apps like Reddit and Pinterest, but is rolling out to more applications.