Chrome Users ALERT! Google to roll out new security features, this is what users can do

Chrome Users ALERT! Google to roll out new security features, this is what users can do

Google is all set to roll out new features for Chrome users soon. The new upgrades, starting with Chrome 91 update, will add fresh `Safe Browsing` features.

As per Mashable, the upcoming features will help users choose better extensions and will offer additional protection against downloading malicious files on the web.

Google shares the details about the new features in its official blog post.

It stated that Enhanced Safe Browsing users will now get additional protection when installing a new extension from the Chrome Web Store, as per a report by ANI.

A dialog will pop up to inform users if the extension that they are about to install is not a part of the list of extensions trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing.

People can know that extensions that are built by a developer following the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies will be considered trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing, according to Google.

Similarly, Enhanced Safe Browsing will now offer improved protection against risky files.

So, users will be given a warning for any file downloads that Safe Browsing considers risky but not unsafe. Users will have the ability to send the file to be scanned for a “more in-depth analysis”.

Google states “if you choose to send the file, Chrome will upload it to Google Safe Browsing, which will scan it using its static and dynamic analysis classifiers in real time. After a short wait, if Safe Browsing determines the file is unsafe, Chrome will display a warning”.

Users can also choose to open the file without going through the scanning process.