7th pay commission Diwali gift: 15 lakh government employees of this state get massive bonus, DA

7th pay commission Diwali gift: 15 lakh government employees of this state get massive bonus, DA

7th pay commission Diwali gift: In a big decision just a few days ahead of Diwali, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced salary gift for its over 15 lakh state government employees. CM Yogi Adityanath approved late night the proposal to hike dearness allowance (DA) by 2 per cent for the employees. Significantly, these government employees will now get 9 per cent DA, in line with the central government employees. The arrears will be deposited into the provident fund (PF) account of the employees. The DA hike itself will translate into a salary hike of Rs 500 to Rs 2,500 per month.


Besides this, 14 lakh Non-gazetted employees will get Rs 7,000 bonus before Diwali. The employees will get Rs 6,908 as a bonus out which they will get Rs 1,727 as a cash. The government has decided to deposit 25 per cent of the bonus in the employees’ account and the rest 75 per cent in their PF account.

However, those employees who have either faced disciplinary action by their department or have been convicted in criminal cases during the year 2017-18, will not be getting the bonus.

The government will deposit the DA in the GPF account of the employees. However, the DA for the month of November will be given out with the salaries on December 1. The DA and bonus will cost an additional Rs 1,757.25 crore to the UP government.

Who will get these 7th Pay Commission based benefits?

The DA and bonus benefits will be given to 8 lakh non-gazetted employees, 6 lakh teachers and support staffs of the government-run schools and colleges and 20 thousand daily wage employees.

The government said that the employees will get the DA benefits on the pro-rata basis from the month of July. This means they will also get the arrears for four months.

In another good news, the UP Roadways employees will also get Diwali bonus. The Controller of Finance, Department of Transport, has issued the order for the release of bonus to the government and contract workers. Around 35 thousand contract workers will get an advanced salary of Rs 2,000 each and the government employees will get Rs 5,000 each as the arrears of the 7th pay commission.



Source:- zeebiz