69% Indian companies at risk of data breach

69% Indian companies at risk of data breach

A CIO survey by Forcepoint and Frost & Sullivan found that 69% of Indian organisations are at risk of data breach, with 44% of them encountering a data breach before and 25% failing to perform any breach assessment in the last 12 months. It also found that not enough C-level teams are involved in cyber security preparations , with only 34%, mainly at BFSI, telecom and IT& BPO companies, involved in it.


For firms that have executed their digital transformation projects…

56% have encountered a security incident.

20% firms that didn’t conduct breach assessment regularly in the last 12 months.

61% Indian firms’ progress hindered by risk of cyber attacks.

Organisations today need to urgently embrace “secure-by-design” into their digital transformation projects. Adopting a behaviour-centric security approach that focuses on understanding users’ behaviour on the network and within applications to identify behavioural anomalies can mitigate cyber-attacks before they happen, said Alvin Rodrigues, Senior Director and Security Strategist, Forcepoint Asia Pacific.


Source:- economictimes


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