6 Side Effects Of Energy Drinks You Must Know

6 Side Effects Of Energy Drinks You Must Know

In a world where everything is expected instantly, people have started looking for instant energy boosters as well. Now people may recommend you to gulp a bottle of an energy drink for that. The cool, bright colored-drink is touted as a refreshing and energizing beverage. But is that really what it is or is it just a hoax? Well, our word on this is, avoid energy drinks as much as possible. You may feel that you are providing your body the appropriate fuel when you might actually be harming yourself in a number of ways.


Energy drinks were introduced in 1987 in Europe and since then their popularity has not decreased. Their consumption is increasing worldwide and that has raised concern about these drinks and their impact on young people. Some energy drinks contain caffeine and stimulants which improves concentration and enhance alertness. However, some studies show that energy drinks pose some serious health effects.

We have compiled a list of 6 possible side effects of energy drinks you must be aware of. Take a look.

1. Caffeine overdose

One of the most important concerns around energy drinks is that they are loaded with caffeine. 16 ounces of energy drink can deliver 200 grams of caffeine to your body, and this is the least amount. It could go as high as 500 grams as well. Caffeine overdose may lead to hypertension, palpitations, calcium deficiency and more.

2. Weight gain

High dose of caffeine is accompanied by a high dose of sugar. It is ironical because a drink with a sporty image may lead to obesity due to its high sugar content. A 16-ounce energy drink gives you 220 calories. It may also increase the risk of type-2 diabetes.

3. Anxiety

In some people, their genetic variations can lead to this effect. Any variations in adenosine receptors can lead to anxiety in people who consume energy drinks regularly. This happens as a result of the high caffeine content of the drink.

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4. Dental problems

Energy drinks are loaded with sugar which is why they may affect your dental health. Sugar in these drinks can wear down the tooth enamel, thereby exposing them to cavities, hypersensitivity and erosion.

5. Dehydration and weakness

Energy drinks are used to give your body an instant energy boost. This is why people end up drinking it during workout hours and while playing sports. When these drinks are taken exclusively without any fluids, it may lead to dehydration. High levels of caffeine in these drinks prevent the kidney from retaining the fluids, thereby dehydrating your body.

6. Addictions

Another side effect of energy drinks is caffeine addiction. You may feel the need to drink a bottle of energy drinks before your workout session. Over time, this may weaken your ability to function without the drinks.

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